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Certified Organic Sprouting Seeds

Handy Pantry offers a complete selection of certified organic sprout seeds and sprout seeds mixes. Most sprout seeds are available in 2 Oz., 4 Oz., 8 Oz., 1 Lb., 2.5 Lbs., 5 Lbs., and 35 Lbs. Click on the organic sprout seeds below for more information on each type seed for growing sprouts.

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3 Part Salad Mix - Organic
One of our most popular and delicious sprouting seed mixes. Contains broccoli, alfalfa and radish for a kick. Fast and easy to grow and oh so healthy! Fresh seeds with a fantastic germination rate. Certified Organic.
5 Part Salad Mix - Organic
Our most popular sprouting seed mix.  A delicious combinaton of alfalfa, broccoli, radish, mung bean and green lentils. Crunchy, delicious and nutrient packed. Available in several sizes and convenient packaging. Certified Organic.
Adzuki Beans - Organic
Adzuki beans make delicious crunchy sprouts that are high in protein and fiber. The beans are a beautiful red color, and sprout well. The beans can also be used in soups and other recipes. Good germination rate. Certified Organic.
Alfalfa Seeds - Organic
Alfalfa sprouts are the all time most popular sprout world wide, and with good reason: they are easy to grow, healthy, fresh and delicious. Choose your alfalfa sprouting seeds in various quantities, and resealable packaging. Certified Organic.
Amaranth Seeds - Organic
Amaranth is a psuedo grain that is popular for porridges & cereals, grinding into flour, toasting and more. Of course it can be sprouted or grown into microgreens. High germination rate. Various quantities available. Certified Organic.
Barley (Pearled) - Organic
This barley is pearled (husk has been removed) and will not germinate well if at all. Pearled barley is ideal for making flour for baking, using for cooking, soups and other recipes and long term emergency food storage. Certified Organic.
Barley Seed (Whole) - Organic
Barley grass sprouting seeds. Barley with the husk on has a tremendous germination rate and also works well in beer making, for food storage, animal feed and more. Available in several sizes, and resealable packing. Certified Organic.
Barley Seed, Purple: Organic - HullessThis Organic Purple Barley from Handy Pantry is a hulless sprouting seed that makes great grass for juicing, or when ground up, is perfect for making muffins, or breads. Available in various quantities in resealable containers.  Certified Organic.
Bean Salad Mix - Organic
One of our more popular products: Bean salad sprout mix includes adzuki, mung, green lentils and radish for a kick. These sprouts are amazing with lemon juice or lemon pepper! A protein rich meal in itself. Certified Organic.
Beans - Black Turtle - Organic
These organic black turtle beans can be sprouted into a beautiful purple looking sprout, but are more popular used as beans for food. Great for food storage, cooking, soups and more. Various quantities avaiable. Certified Organic.
Beans - Red Chili - Organic
Dried red chili beans are great for food storage, cooking and soups and other food applications. These red beans will sprout, but have a fairly low germination rate. Available in resealable packaging in small amounts to bulk. Certified Organic.
Broccoli Seeds - Organic
Broccoli sprouts are highly prized for their amazing health benefits. Broccoli sprouts have high levels of sulforaphane, a compound that research has found has anti-cancer properties. This seed has a great germination rate. Certified Organic.
Buckwheat (Whole) - Organic
Whole buckwheat seeds (hull intact) have a fantastic germination rate and are popular for growing buckwheat micro greens (buckwheat lettuce). Buckwheat greens have a delicious tang and are a great addition to salads. Certified Organic.
Buckwheat Groats - Organic
Buckwheat groats have the shell removed, and are used for food purposes like making cereal, toasted buckwheat groats and more. Buckwheat groats generally do not sprout well. Available in several sizes and in resealing packaging. Certified Organic.
Chia (White) - Organic
These white chia sprouting seeds have a great germination rate and are ideal for sprouting, recipes, food storage, growing microgreens, chia pet refills, porridges and chia puddings and more. Available in any quantity. Certified Organic.
Chia Seeds (Black) - Organic
Organic chia sprouting seeds. High germination. Sprouting, recipes, food storage, microgreens, chia pet refills, more. Make delicious chia puddings and more. Available in small and bulk quantities and resealable packaging. Certified Organic.
Chinese Cabbage
These Chinese Cabbage sprout seeds are not organic, but are chemical free. The variety is Micchinni Cabbage, and the sprouts taste just like fully grown chinese cabbage. Seeds available in several sizes in resealable packaging.

Clover Sprout Seed (Red) - Organic
For those who are looking for an option to replace alfalfa sprouts, we recommend red clover. The sprouts have similar size and look but with a milder taste. High in vitamins & minerals, and easy to grow. Different quantities available. Certified Organic.
Crunchy Lentil Fest Mix - Organic
One of our most popular sprouting seed mixes. A protein rich and delicious blend of red, blue and green lentils for a colorful sprout mix and an amazing lentil soup! Available in several sizes in re-sealable packing. Certified Organic.
Fenugreek Seeds - Organic
Fenugreek seeds are one of the key component spices of Indian curry powder. Fenugreek sprouts are purported to have many beneficial properties to health. These fenugreek seeds are available in any quantity and are Certified Organic.
Garbanzo - Organic
These dried garbanzo beans have a great germination rate and make a crunchy, high protein sprout. Use in salads, hummus, soups, cooking and other recipes. A great choice for long term food storage. Certified Organic.
Kamut Grain Seeds - Organic
Kamut is an ancient strain of wheat that looks like wheat with a much longer berry. It is higher in protein, lower in gluten and sweeter than regular wheat. It can be sprouted into kamut grass, ground into flour for baking, food storage and more. Certified Organic.
Lentils (Blue French) - Organic
These french lentils (also called blue, or peppery) make delicious and flavorful sprouts with just a hint of peppery taste. Also great in soups, cooking and other recipes. Choose your size in resealable packaging. Certified Organic.
Lentils (Green) - Organic
These dried green lentil sprouting seeds are common green lentils and are make delicious, crunchy, high protein sprouts. They can be used for soups, cooking, and emergency food storage. Available in several quantites. Certified Organic.
Lentils (Red) - Organic
Red lentils add a little color to any sprout mix, soup other other recipe that calls for lentils. Also a great option for food storage. These reds have a great germination rate and are available in resealable packaging from small quantity to bulk. Certified Organic.
Millet (Hulled) - Organic
Hulled millet has had the husk removed, and as such won't sprout well. However hulled millet is ideal for grinding into millet flour, making into cereals or porridge, making millet beer, bird and animal feed, and other uses. Certified Organic.
Millet (Whole) - Organic
This millet is whole, meaning that the husk has not been removed. When the husk is removed, the germination rate plummets. This whole millet has a great germination rate, and is good for animal and bird feed, storage and more. Certified Organic.
Mung Beans - Organic
Mung bean sprouts are, like alfalfa, a staple of sprouting. The sprouts are easy to grow, substantial and delicious. They are great in a sprout mix, as a garnish in soups and salads, and a key ingredient in stir frys and other oriental cooking. Certified Organic.
Mustard Seeds (Brown) - Organic
Radish sprouts not spicy enough for you? We haven't encountered any sprouting seeds that pack more of a punch than these hot mustard sprouts! High germination rate and available in various sizes. Delicious and Certified Organic.
Oat Groats (Husk Off) - Organic
Oat groats (oats with the husk removed) are used for food purposes like grinding oat flour, rolling for oatmeal, long term emergency food storage, animal feed and more. Oat groats typically not sprout, or sprout well. Various quantities. Certified Organic.
Oats (Whole) - Organic
These whole oats have the husk intact and will have an outstanding germination rate. Great for sprouting, ornamental grass, animal feed and food storage. Small quantity to bulk, resealable packaging. These oats are Certified Organic.
Onion Sprout Seed
Onion sprouts are some of the most flavorful around. Onion sprouts are milder than adult onions, and taste more like scallions. Use on salads, soups, sandwiches and anywhere you would use onions.  Chemical free but not organic.
Pea (Dun) Sprouting Seed
Dun pea sprouts are very crunchy and have a mild sweet flavor. The dun peas can also be used in cooking, for food storage, growing microgreens, soups & more. Available in several sizes in resealable packaging.
Pea (Green) - Organic
These dried green peas have a great germination rate and make delicious, crunchy and mildly sweet sprouts. A great addition to salads. Also a great choice for cooking, soups and long term food storage. Choose quantity. Certified Organic.
Protein Powerhouse Mix - Organic
This high protein mix of sprout seeds includes Adzuki, Green Pea, Mung and Garbanzo for a delicious, high protein sprout feast! A must to supplement protein intake for vegans & those on a raw food diet. Certified Organic.
Quinoa Grain Seeds - Organic
Quinoa (pronounced "keen-wah) is a psuedo grain that can be sprouted, ground into flour, toasted, boiled into porridge or pilaf, and many other uses in cooking and recipes. Available in several quantities. Certified Organic.
Radish Sprouting Seeds - Organic
Radish sprouts pack a nice kick to spice up any sprout mix, and are one of our most popular seeds. Great on salads, slaws, sandwiches or just plain. Great germination rate, are available in various sizes. Certified Organic.
Red Quinoa Grain Seeds - OrganicRed Quinoa is the more chewy and bitter tasting quinoa.  Keeping the same high nutritional value and amino acid content of white, red quinoa is a great raw survival seed, and perfect for gluten-free baking.  Certified Organic.
Rye Grain - Organic
This rye grain is a perfect choice for grinding into rye flour for baking. It is a versatile and hearty grain that makes a great choice for long term food storage. Small quantity to bulk amounts available, in resealable packaging. Certified Organic.
Soybeans (Yellow) - Organic
These soybeans will sprout, but not with a great germination rate, around 85%. These soy beans are perfect for making soymilk, tofu, soy flour and other uses that call for dried yellow soybeans. Available in any quantity in resealable packaging. Certified Organic.
Spelt Grain - Organic
Spelt is a variant of wheat from ancient times. The berry is larger than wheat and contains more nutrients and less gluten. It can be used for baking, sprouting, spelt grass and more. Available in various quantities in resealable packing. Certified Organic.
Sunflower (Whole)
Black shell, whole sunflower seeds (shell on) have a great germination rate and can be eaten raw or toasted. We love sprouting them to grow delicious and crunchy sunflower micro greens. Any quantity and Certified Organic.
Sunflower Seeds (Hulled) - Organic
These sunflower seeds have had the shell removed, but will still germinate well. Great for toasting, eating raw, on salads, in multi-grain breads, food storage, birdseed, growing microgreens and more. Multiple quantities avail. Certified Organic.
Triticale Grain - Organic
Triticale is a hybrid of wheat and rye. It is a sturdy grain that is easy to grow. Great for sprouting and growing triticale grass, food storage, grinding for flour and other uses. Available in various sizes in re-sealable packing. Certified Organic.
Wheat (Hard Red) - Organic
We have hand selected this wheat sprouting seed for it's superb germination rate and the quality of wheatgrass it produces. It is truly the best of the best. Great for sprouting, wheatgrass, wheat flour, food storage and more. Certified Organic.
Wheat (Hard White) - Organic
This hard white wheat is ideal for grinding into whole wheat flour. Great for baking and breads and food storage.  It sprouts well and can be used for sprouted grain breads, wheagrass and more. Choose your quantity. Certified Organic.
Wheat (Soft White) - Organic
Soft white wheat is a lower protein, higher moisture content, sweeter wheat, when ground into flour and baked it makes a much lighter bread that is ideal for crackers, pastries and cakes. Great for food storage. Resealable packaging and Certified Organic.

We not only sell our organic sprout seeds in the individual packages but we also sell sprout seeds in sprout  seeds assortments and sprouting kits.

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