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    This kit includes everything you need to get started growing sprouts. It includes the Handy Pantry 3-Tray Sprout Garden, our all time favorite sprouter, and plent of sprout seeds to get you started. All seed is Certified Organic.


    Tray Method Sprout Grow Kit

    This Basic Sprout Growing Kits provide space saving "LIFETIME GUARANTEED" stackable tray system and a single sprouting lid for soaking the seeds and for making small amounts. Everything you need to learn the basic aspects of seed sprouting virtually every kind of organic seed, bean or grain is here for you in this basic starter pack! Sprout Kits are a perfect way to get started in sprouting and discover which types of sprouts you like the best. The quantity of sprout seed in these sprout growing kits makes almost 8 pounds of sprouts!

    These Sprout Growing Kits Include:

    Get started in sprouting today with this tray sprouting kit. This is our favorite method to grow sprouts. See our instructional videos for help Growing Sprouts and Wheatgrass

    - Learn the Benefits of Sprouting: Top 10 Reasons to Sprout


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    First Time Sprouting


    We were skeptical. Follow Directions But once we did it they turned out GREAT!! I put them in a Skillet with water and spice to my taste and cooked like I would cabbage. They were delicious. We are doing them the second round and look forward to trying them in a salad this time. We plan on buying a larger package next time. If you have more than 2 people you may want to buy a larger package. We are 2. Absolutly Recommend it!