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    Buckwheat groats have the shell removed and are used for food purposes like making cereal, toasted buckwheat groats and more. Buckwheat groats generally do not sprout well. Available in several sizes and in resealing packaging. Certified Organic.


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    Organic Buckwheat Groats (Husk Removed)

    Buckwheat groats (hulled / husk removed buckwheat) will germinate but the germination rate will be quite low. If you are looking to sprout it, we recommend whole buckwheat, which will have a great germination rate. Buckwheat groats have a mild flavor, but can be toasted and roasted for more intense flavor. They can be steamed like rice, made into a breakfast cereal, or used toasted on salads. There are many other uses for buckwheat groats.

    • Organic - USDA Certified
    • Resealable bucket, can or Mylar bags
    • Very low germination
    • Great cooking & recipes
    • Great for food storage