We sell all of our grains very fresh so that they will sprout with over 90% germination. You can get them in Nitrogen Packed Cans and Buckets for long term storage. Also see our Food Storage Sprouting Kit for the perfect addition to your food storage. Sprouts will add living food to your otherwise dry food supply.

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5 Gallon Plastic Bucket - Food Grade Pail
Price: $10.73-$29.59
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Item #: HP-BUCK -

5 Gallon Storage Pail With Lid - Food Grade Plastic Bucket 5 gallon plastic bucket and lid with metal handle.  Created with FDA approved food grade plastic, these pails are excellent for storing seed, dried foods, or anything that benefits being sealed and protected.  At 90 mil thickness, bucket walls are solid and resilient.  Metal handle comes with an attached plastic molded grip, allowing easy carrying and maneuvering of filled pails. Great for anyone needing a food grade...

Handy Pantry Food Storage Sprouting Kit food storage, sprouting kit
Price: $140.95
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Item #: HP-FSSK -

Food Storage Sprouting Kit by Handy Pantry Looking for a healthy option for your food storage & emergency preparation? Handy pantry has made it possible with this food storage sprouts kit. In an emergency situation there is no better way to get living food out of your disaster food storage than with the deluxe food storage sprouting kit. The perfect addition to any emergency food storage / year supply of food. Add fresh grown, living, nutrient rich, healthy and delicious sprouts to your stored...

Closeup - Whole Organic Oat Sprouting Seeds
Price: $7.19-$114.68
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Item #: HP-HP-OTP -

Organic Whole Oats (Husk On) Whole Oats Whole oats are excellent options for animal feed and sprouting. With the husk intact they have an outstanding germination rate, for growing ornamental oat grass, etc... If you plan on using these oats for oatmeal, grinding into oat flour, etc... you will need to remove the husk. You'd be better off with our organic oat groats. Raw - Certified OrganicResealable Bag, Can or BucketHigh Germination RateOat GrassPerfect As Birdseed & Animal FeedExcellent for...

Close Up - Organic Quinoa Grain Seeds
Price: $11.19
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Item #: HP-HP-QNAP -

Organic Quinoa Grain Quinoa is closely related to grain and has been used as food for 6000 years. Seeds may be eaten raw or ground into gluten free flour. Sprouting (87% Germination Rate)Great for Edible SeedsCereal & PilafGrinding for FlourDisaster Food StorageCertified OrganicResealable Packaging ...

Close Up - Organic Rye Grain Seeds
Price: $6.19-$83.55
Availability: In Stock
Item #: HP-HP-RYEP -

Organic Rye Grain Our certified organic rye grain is the perfect alternative to wheat. Rye is a hearty grain that makes a great choice for food storage. Use to grind into rye flour for bread and other recipes. Nothing tastes as good as home-made rye bread from freshly ground organic rye flour! This rye has a great germination rate. Usable for Rye flour & bakingHigh germination rateOrganic CertifiedSmall quantity to bulkResealable mylar bag, can or bucket ...

Triticale Grain - Organic triticale, grain, organic, sprouting, seed, seeds
Price: $7.19-$84.85
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Item #: HP-HP-TRTCLP -

Organic Triticale Grain: Triticale Sprouting SeedsTriticale is a hybrid of Wheat (Triticum) and Rye (Secale) Triticale seeds were developed as a hybrid less than a hundred years ago, and were bred in an effort to solve world hunger. Triticale is a little sweeter than wheat, and can be sprouted, ground into flour, or grown into triticale grass for juicing. Triticale is hardy, easy to sprout and grow and is very nutritious. Makes a great grain to store as emergency food storage. High Germination...

Close Up - Hard Red Spring Wheat
Price: $4.19-$74.99
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Item #: HP-HP-WHT -

Organic Hard Red Wheat Not All Wheat is Equal! We have been in the commercial wheatgrass and sprouting business over the last 20 years and we have tried every variety and source for wheat you can imagine.  This hard red wheat has been specially selected by us for it's tremendous germination rate, and it's consistent production of healthy, thick bladed wheatgrass.  All wheat is indeed not equal and this wheat is the best of the best. This hard red wheat is our very best and most...

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