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    4 Oz. resealable pouch of freeze dried acerola cherries. Certified Organic. Maintains flavor and taste. Great in smoothies and recipes.

    Freeze Dried Acerola Cherry Powder

    • All-natural & certified organic
    • Non-GMO - Vegan – Gluten Free
    • Freeze Dried
    • Rich vitamin C & antioxidants
    • Great in smoothies, recipes, yogurt, cereals and more

    4 Oz. pouch of freeze dried acerola cherry powder. Includes 38 servings (1 teaspoon ea.). Popular in Brazil as a drink the acerola cherry is very high in antioxidants and vitamin C. The acerola cherry is well known for a variety of health benefits. Use as cooking ingredients and flavoring, in puddings, sauces and more. Great as a flavoring for cereals, teas and yogurt. Very popular in smoothies.