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    Here, we have freeze-dried coconut water so you can enjoy the flavor and the health benefits of drinking it—just add water. With only 30 calories per serving and 4 times the potassium of bananas, coconut water is rich in electrolytes, iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and manganese. Maintains flavor and taste. Certified Organic.


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    Freeze Dried Coconut Water

    Not to be confused with coconut milk, coconut water is the clear liquid extracted from young coconuts. In recent years, coconut water has been marketed as a “natural sports drink” because of its substantial amount of potassium it contains and by the advocating of athletes. Coconut water has even been use for many years by native islander tribes as a kind of folk medicine meant to treat stomach and bowel issues.

    • All-natural & certified organic
    • Non-GMO - Vegan – Gluten Free
    • Freeze Dried
    • Rich in minerals and electrolytes
    • Great for hydration as an all-natural sports drink
    • Great in smoothies, recipes, juices, teas and more

    Handy pantry freeze dried coconut water powder provides 36 servings (1 tablespoon per serving) of delicious, organic goodness. Only 30 calories per serving. Rich in electrolytes, potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and manganese. Popular in smoothies, juice additive or mixed in water as a delicious natural alternative to sports drinks.

    Instructions: Add 1 tablespoon to 8 ounces of water or mix into smoothies, juices, yogurts, and more.

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