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    The Fresh Life Automatic Sprouter by Tribest is a low maintenance sprouting machine that continuously waters and rinses your sprouts. Grows sprouts, wheatgrass or microgreens automatically. Easy to setup and use.


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    Fresh Life Automatic Sprouter by Tribest: Model FL-3000

    The Fresh Life Model FL-3000 Sprouter machine is an easy to use automatic sprouter that costs virtually nothing to run.  It continuously mists and aerates your sprouts, wheatgrass and microgreens automatically right on your counter top. The Fresh Life Sprout Machine is one of the most popular automatic sprouters, and costs about half of what other automatic sprouters cost.

    Fresh Life Sprouter Parts:

    • Model FL-3000
    • Upgraded Motor
    • Timer Included
    • Detachable Power Cord
    • On-Off Switch
    • Top Cover - Maintains ideal temp for max growth
    • Mister - Waters & aerates the crop
    • Seed Grow Trays- Two trays to grow sprouts in the sprouter
    • Watering  Tube - Delivers water to the mister
    • Sprout Growing Barrel - Primary grow container
    • Water Reservoir - Supplies water for the machine