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    Five 8-quart bags of this OMRI certified grow medium will fill about 25 trays (20"x10"). Animal free and compostable.


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    Sunshine® #2 Natural & OMRI certified Soil Mix

    • OMRI Certified for Organic Production
    • OMRI Certification: sgh-9358
    • No animal products - forest based soil mix
    • One bag is an 8 Quart Bag - About 5 lbs, varying based on moisture content
    • One 8 quart bag fills about three 20"x 10"grow trays (varies based on soil depth)

    This sunshine mix of soil is derived from Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, dolomitic limestone and perlite. While the soil is a good all-purpose soil, it is ideal for growing wheatgrass, barelygrass and microgreens of all types.

    It retains moisture very well and provides vital nutrients to your plants.

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