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    4 Oz. resealable bag of freeze dried, powdered sprouts by Sprout Living: Bean Sprout Mix, or Broccoli & Kale. Use as juice drink powder, in smoothies, to thicken soups & more. Concentrated sprout nutrition. Certified Organic.


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    Powdered Sprouts by Sprout Living

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    • Broccoli & Kale Sprout Powder - 4 Oz. - OUT OF STOCK
    • Bean Sprouts Mix Powder - 4 Oz.

    Sprout Living's concentrated sprouting powder can be used as a cooking ingredient to thicken soups and sauces, or as a juice drink mix. Enjoy the benefits:
    • Certified Organic
    • Resealable Mylar Bags - 4 Oz.
    • Freeze Dried
    • Non-GMO & Kosher
    • Vegan, Raw
    • Gluten Free & Kosher
    • No Fillers - 100% Powdered Sprouts

    Bean Mix: Bean sprouts are high in iron, B-Vitaminx, potassium, calcium and especially protein and soluble fiber.

    Broccoli & Kale: Broccoli sprouts are high in sulforaphane.. Powdered broccoli sprouts retain this high concentration of sulforaphane and are a great source for this amazing nutrient. Powdered Kale sprouts have a high concentration of phytochemicals.

    Bean Mix Ingredients: Freshly Freeze Dried Powders of Organic Mung Bean Sprouts, Organic Adzuki Bean Sprouts, Organic Kidney Bean Sprouts, Organic Garbanzo Bean Sprouts, Organic Lentil Bean Sprouts

    Broccoli & Kale Ingredients: Freeze Dried Powders of Organic Kale Sprouts and Organic Broccoli Sprouts

    How to Enjoy
    • Add to thicken sauces, soups, stews, more
    • Mix with water or juice for a healthy drink
    • Add to smoothies
    • Use on salads or mix into salad dressings
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