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    Kamut is an ancient strain of wheat that looks like wheat with a much longer berry. It is higher in protein, lower in gluten and sweeter than regular wheat. It can be sprouted into kamut grass, ground into flour for baking, food storage, and more. Certified Organic.


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    Organic Kamut - Grain / Sprouting Seeds

    Kamut is an ancient variety of wheat with larger grains and more protein. It can be used for flour, making cereal, growing wheatgrass for juicing and more. Kamut contains less gluten than normal wheat and more amino acids and vitamins. Flour from Kamut can replace regular wheat flour for a sweet flavor with less sugar.

    • Organic & Raw
    • Excellent Germination Rate
    • Various Quantities Available - Resealable Packaging
    • Long Term Food Storage
    • Grind for Kamut Flour & Baking
    • Grow & Juice Kamut Grass