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    Make Susan's new health-enhancing, reader-friendly, beautifully designed digital e-Book...NATURE'S SUPERB SUPERFOODS: Lose Weight & Revitalize Your Body with Sprouts & Microgreens...front and center in your healthy living library and kitchen!


    Nature's Superb Superfoods
    Lose Weight & Revitalize your Body with Sprouts and Microgreens
    by Susan Smith Jones PhD

    Download a FREE copy of Susan's full color, 51-page digital e-Book 
    NATURE'S SUPERB SUPERFOODS: Lose Weight & Revitalize Your Body with Homegrown Sprouts 

    If you want to lose weight, look years younger, detoxify and rejuvenate your body, save on your grocery bills, adopt a healthy hobby that keeps on giving, and get your family involved in kitchen gardening, you'll love this e-Book that we're giving away FREE entitled NATURE'S SUPERB SUPERFOODS: Lose Weight & Revitalize Your Body with Homegrown Sprouts. It's a full color, 51-page book that covers the ABCs of growing sprouts and how to use them in meals. Kids love participating in the sprout-growing process! For decades, Dr. Susan has been growing sprouts and enjoys them in smoothies and juices, sauces, saut├ęs, sandwiches, muffins, salads, casseroles, breads, trail mix, and more that you'll learn about is this special gift. She is known throughout North America as "The Sprout Lady" because of her passion for growing sprouts and microgreens in her kitchen.

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    In this radio interview below, Dr. Susan provides simple tips on how to grow and use sprouts, as well as offering many suggestions on what to purchase through Handy Pantry to get started or become a gourmet kitchen gardener. Listen as you browse the website.