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    Gamma Seal spin on, spin off bucket lids. These patented two gasket lids turn your 5 gallon buckets into easy-to-use storage containers that are both air tight and leak proof. These screw on lids are great for food storage, bulk seed and more! (Bucket not Included)


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    Gamma Seal 5 Gallon Bucket Screw on Lids

    Leak proof, easy access bucket lids by Gamma.  Made to fit most buckets anywhere from 3.5 to 7 gallons, these 12 inch diameter lids will transform ordinary buckets into extremely useful storage bins.  After the lid is completely screwed on, an air tight seal is formed, blocking out contaminants and pests.  Use these patented lids to make all those old 5 gallon buckets into organizable storage.

    To assemble, just snap on the outer threaded ring to rim of the bucket (rubber mallet may be needed), then spin on the lid to create an excellent, air tight storage container.

    Perfect For:

    • Food Storage
    • Bulk seed
    • Paint
    • Emergency Supplies
    • Pet Food
    • Camping

    Gamma Seal screw on lids come in 6 different colors, allowing optimal labeling and orgainizing of stored goods.  These 5 gallon bucket lids are Made in the USA, with food grade plastic.  

    5 gallon bucket not included.

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