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    This handy sprouting reference wheel by Steve Meyerowitz is a cool way to learn about sprouts and sprouting. Includes growing tips, info on specific sprouts, nutritional info, recipes, troubleshooting ideas and more. All at your fingertips.


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    Sprouting Reference Wheel - Sprouts Information Chart by Sproutman

    This handy sprout reference wheel was designed by Steve "The Sproutman" Meyerowitz.  It is designed as an all in one comprensive reference chart for sprouts and sprouting. All the infomation is cleverly arranged and easily accessible by just spinning the wheel to find the info you want.

    • 7 inces by 9 inches
    • 37 full color photographs
    • Recipes
    • Information on sprouters and sprouting techniques
    • Sprout Info
      • Flavor
      • Amounts to sprout
      • Time to germinate and harvest
      • Skill & light levels
      • Growing tips
      • Sprouting instructions
      • Nutritional info

    ISBN# 978-1-878736-15-4.