Supercharge your sprouts with these supplies, including trace mineral fertilizers and washes. Click on the sprouting fertilizer of your choice below to learn more. Our selection of sprouting supplies will not only help your sprouts grow but will keep them clean as well.

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Plant Propagation Trays WITH Drain Slits - Top & Bottom View
Price: $3.25-$110.00
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Item #: HP-GS -

Durable Black Plastic Growing Trays with Drain Holes Choose Quantity: 5, 10, 50 or 100.Mouth of tray - 20.5"x 10 1/8th"Base of tray - 19 7/8th" x 9 3/8th"Depth: 2 3/8th"Re-usableDurable black plasticEach tray has drain holesPerfect for wheatgrass growingThese trays are ideal for growing wheatgrass in soil. The drain holes allow water to drip out which self-regulates the moisture content of the soil and makes overwatering much less of a problem. The are made of tough plastic and can be reused...

Growing Trays - No Holes
Price: $3.25-$110.00
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Item #: HP-GTRAY -

20" by 10 Black Plastic Trays - NO Drain Holes Choose Quantity: 5, 10, 50 or 100Durable Black PlasticRe-usableNO Drain HolesDepth: 2 3/8th" (60 mm)Measurements: top (mouth) of tray - 20.5"x 10 1/8th" - (522 mm x 255 mm)Measurement:  bottom (base) of tray - 19 7/8th" x 9 3/8th" - (504 mm x 238 mm)Can be used as a drip tray or a grow tray.These grow trays are ideal for growing wheatgrass or microgreens hydroponically, or for use as a drip tray (nest a tray with drain holes in it). They are...

Azomite - Organic Trace Mineral Fertilizer
Price: $5.45-$73.99
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Item #: HP-AZOMITE -

Azomite Organic Trace Mineral Fertilizer An Organic Fertilizer full of Minerals & Trace Elements OMRI Listed for organic production OMRI Certification: pma-9115 Available in 12 Oz. 2, 10 & 44 lb quantities Rich in over 60 trace minerals Great as an all purpose fertilizer Azomite is the name of a special rock in Utah. Early this century geological prospector Rollin Anderson found deposits of montmorillonite clay in a valley south of Salt Lake City. U.S. Bureau of Mines analysis showed the...

Ionique Concentrated Mineral Drops & Liquid Fertilizer liquid colloidal minerals, collodial liquid minerals
Price: $27.99
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Item #: HP-GSLM-1P -

Ionique Liquid Mineral Fertilizer - Mineral Drops Formerly known as "Great Salt Lake Minerals" or "GSL Minerals" Fertilizer Use: 1 tsp (40 drops) per gallon of waterSupplement Use: 5 to 40 drops per day (in juice / water, etc...)No Heavy MetalsBottle Contains one hundered and twenty 40 drop servings8 fl oz bottle Mineral & Trace liquid colloidal Mineral Complex (Liquid) guarantee superior results because they are the most balanced, concentrated and bio-available liquid colloidal minerals...

Soil for Organic Planting
Price: $7.70-$34.99
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Item #: HP-EKO5 -

Sunshine┬« #2 Natural & OMRI certified Soil MixOMRI Certified for Organic ProductionOMRI Certification: sgh-9358No animal products - forest based soil mixOne bag is an 8 Quart Bag - About 5 lbs, varying based on moisture contentOne 8 quart bag fills about three 20"x 10"grow trays (varies based on soil depth) This sunshine mix of soil is derived from Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, dolomitic limestone and perlite. While the soil is a good all-purpose soil, it is ideal for growing wheatgrass,...

Gamma Screw on Lids for 5 Gallon Buckets
Price: $10.30-$56.99
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Item #: HP-GSLP -

Gamma Seal 5 Gallon Bucket Screw on Lids Leak proof, easy access bucket lids by Gamma.  Made to fit most buckets anywhere from 3.5 to 7 gallons, these 12 inch diameter lids will transform ordinary buckets into extremely useful storage bins.  After the lid is completely screwed on, an air tight seal is formed, blocking out contaminants and pests.  Use these patented lids to make all those old 5 gallon buckets into organizable storage. To assemble, just snap on the outer threaded...

Sprout Fruit & Vegetable Wash Spray
Price: $8.49
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Item #: HP-SS-16 -

All Natural Fruit Vegetable & Sprout Wash by Handy Pantry This 16 Oz. sprout wash spray bottle removes surface-borne contaminates like dirt, wax, chemicals, pesticides & mold spores. The Handy Pantry Sprout Wash increases crispness of sprouts, fruits & veggies. Excellent for controlling mold in sprouting & wheatgrass. And don't worry; our all natural vegetable sprout wash is earth friendly & biodegradable!Ingredients: Water, Glycerol (from vegetables sources), Potassium Hydroxide (from...

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