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    Barley grass sprouting seed, with the hull on (whole barley). Over 98% germination rate and a great seed sprouting, growing barleygrass and more. Grows healthy, thick bladed barley grass for maximum juice yeild. Certified Organic.


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    Organic Whole Barley (Husk On) For Sprouting & Barley Grass

    Organic Barley Seeds for Ornamental Grass, for Juicing, Grind for Organic Barley Flour & Bread. USDA Certified Organic Whole Sprouting Barley Seed. Our Organic Barley Seed has an Excellent Germination Rate 7-10 days for organic barley grass.

    Benefits of Organic Barley Seed:

    • Spectacular germination rate
    • Certified Organic
    • Beer Making
    • Food Storage
    • Growing Barley Grass
    • Animal Feed

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    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    Barley Grass

    Finally a grass that my rabbits will eat. Fast and easy to grow. Their shipping charges are very reasonable.