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    This is the ultimate sprouting kit if you are ready to get serious! It includes our favorite way to grow sprouts: The 3 tray sprout garden! It also includes a amazing assortment of 12 lbs of sprouting seeds! Seeds are Certified Organic.


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    Deluxe Sprouting Kit

    The Deluxe Sprouter Kits provides space saving "LIFETIME GUARANTEED" stackable sprout kits tray system and a single sprouter lid for soaking the seeds and for making small amounts of sprouts. Everything you need to learn the basic aspects of sprouts virtually every kind of organic seed, bean or grain is here for you in this deluxe sprouter pack! A perfect way to get started with sprouts and discover which types of sprouts you like the best. The quantity of seed in these kits makes almost 50 pounds of sprouts!

    Sprouter Kits Include:

    • Handy Kitchen Countertop Stackable Sprouter Tray System with 3 Sprouter Trays. (Lifetime Warranty)
    • Sprouting For Health Sprouts Booklet & Instructions.
    • 1 Page Sprouter "Quick Reference" Instructions
    • 12 Pound Sprouting Seed Assortment - 1 Lb. Each of 12 types of Certified Organic Sprouts Seeds
      o 1 Lb. Bean Salad Mix-Bean (Adzuki, Lentil, Mung)
      o 1 Lb. Protein Powerhouse (Garbonzo, Green Pea, Cabbage, Radish)
      o 1 Lb. Alfalfa Seed
      o 1 Lb. Garbonzo (included but not pictured)
      o 1 Lb. Mung Bean
      o 1 Lb. Green Clover Seed
      o 1 Lb. Crunchy Lentil Fest
      o 1 Lb. Green Lentil
      o 1 Lb. 3 Part Salad Mix
      o 1 Lb. Green Pea
      o 1 Lb. 5 Part Salad Mix
      o 1 Lb. Radish Seed