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    The easy sprout sprouter makes sprouting easy. An innovative sprouter that requires minimal attention and rinsing. Great for small quantities of sprouts, travel, RVs etc... Safe for the dishwasher and refrigerator. Includes instructions.


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    Easy Sprout Sprouter

    The Easy Sprout sprouter circulates air between seeds by natural convection so your seeds need less rinsing. Easy Sprout is perfect for traveling and makes a full pound of sprouts easy to grow. The quart size dual container system has a vented lid and is easy to clean. Made with food grade, dishwasher safe materials. Perfect for growing smaller quantities of sprouts.

    • Grows up to a pound of sprouts at a time
    • BPA Free HPDA (2) Plastic
    • Kosher
    • Safe for the dishwasher
    • Great for travel and RVs
    • Safe for the refrigerator
    • Low rinse sprouting