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    These dried green peas have a great germination rate and make delicious, crunchy and mildly sweet sprouts. A great addition to salads. Also a great choice for cooking, soups and long term food storage. Choose quantity. Certified Organic. 

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    Organic Green Pea Sprout Seeds

    Dried Organic Green Pea seeds to make green pea sprouts are perfect for sprouting, gardening, soup, food storage & more. The Green Pea Sprout has a high Germination rate. Green Peas sprout well using the jar method, tray method or by using the Sprout Sack. Green pea sprouts have a delicious crunchy mildly sweet flavor.

    Benefits of Green Pea Sprout Seeds:

    • High Germination Rate
    • Certified Organic
    • Resealable Bag, Can or Bucket
    • Gardening, Hydroponics
    • Growing Salad Sprouts
    • Survival Food Storage
    • Soups & Cooking
    • And More...

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