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    We have hand selected this wheat sprouting seed for it's superb germination rate and the quality of wheatgrass it produces. It is truly the best of the best. Great for sprouting, wheatgrass, wheat flour, food storage and more. Certified Organic.


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    Organic Hard Red Wheat

    Not All Wheat is Equal!

    We have been in the commercial wheatgrass and sprouting business over the last 20 years and we have tried every variety and source for wheat you can imagine.  This hard red wheat has been specially selected by us for it's tremendous germination rate, and it's consistent production of healthy, thick bladed wheatgrass.  All wheat is indeed not equal and this wheat is the best of the best.

    This hard red wheat is our very best and most versatile. It is can be used for ornamental wheatgrass, wheatgrass for juicing, grinding for whole wheat flour, food storage and more. If quality matters, you have found the right wheat.

    • USDA Certified Organic
    • Small Quantity to Bulk Quantity Available
    • Resealable Bucket, Can or Mylar Bags
    • Incredible Germination Rate!
    • Great for Growing Wheat Grass
    • Great for Long Term Food Storage
    • Great for Making Whole Wheat Flour & Baking

    the difference between seed quality

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    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:
    Palm Desert Californis

    Animal enrichment at Large Zoo

    We use the wheat seed to sow "grass flats" for our animals.

    Jaguars, coyotes,desert tortoise,big horn sheep, all love to chew them up and play in the flats. We are up to 25 flats per month and increasing demand will bring that number up for sure. At our summer zoo camp for school kids we let them sow the seed into 17x17 inch flats with about 1 inch of compost on the bottom and a light sifted covering of more compost. In 7 to 10 days we have beautiful flats of rich yummy wheat grass for the zoo animals to enjoy. Thanks for a great source of seed.

    Plants Propagator

    Wheatgrass seed

    This wheatgrass grew tall and lush. The juice was amazing and sweet. Awesome!!!