Customer Comments

Thanks. You guys are great! Never had a company #1 respond to my questions and #2 so quickly. You are the best. Take care.

Donna Fraser 

"Thank you!!!!

LOVE your products. Especially Fenugreek. I think this is the reason I am able to go off of insulin. I am not on any diabetic meds whatsoever. I'm a type 2. I've been sprouting for 2 years now and I get all my seeds from your company. Best thing I ever did. I tell everyone I meet about Handy Pantry. Even if they never heard of sprouting, they now know about your company.

And every morning when I go to my local breakfast cafe for my morning egg white sandwich and my cup of coffee I ALWAYS bring a little ziplock bag filled with my various sprouts and I put them on the sandwich.

Best tasting sandwich EVER!!!! When a person asks me "what on earth are those things you are putting on your sandwich", well that's when I go into my sprouting lesson, and you should see a lot of the people are writing down HANDYPANTRY.COM

I hope I threw some business your way."

Thanks much,

Elizabeth Lubart

"We've got a jar of sprouts! Thank you very much. I'm happy, happy. You are a great customer server, ha. Sure been missing the 50/50 barley and wheat."

Bruce W.

"Thank you for shipping my items out so quickly! I am very appreciative. I look forward to ordering more items from you in the future."


Margaret Bessone

Dear Support Team,
"You are so welcome! I love Handy Pantry Dot Com and links! So many good products and you have changed my health so positively! I am really learning to appreciate and enjoy the humble sprout!
I just received my Easy Green Sprouter. I can't wait to get some seeds started!!! Thank you for your great products. I am trying NOT to be too enthusiastic at work and with my friends because they already think I am a bit whacky! But I would imagine some of them will be ordering from you any day now! I really love the Sprout Garden Stackable and right now I am wondering if I could possibly like the Easy Automatic Sprouter any better! They will be competing for my affection in the next couple of weeks!
Thanks again for your hard work. Thank you!"  
Betsy C.